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  • Toes in the water
  • Forest in mist
  • Silent Shore
  • Wave Study 2
  • Pier, Capbreton
  • The Crossing, Camargue
  • Brittany Lighthouse
  • "I am not going to complement Jonathan on either his inspirational photography or his generosity and patience as a teacher, as many have done so here and they are all absolutely right. I wanted to talk about Jonathan as a person: he is a charming, funny, highly educated man who instinctively knows how to lead a group, put you at ease and make sure everyone is happy. He makes decisions fearlessly and has a way of making you feel you have his entire attention, even when there are a few other 'needy' members of the group vying for his advice! I had attended one of his workshops in 2008 but due to work and family commitments had sadly been unable to attend any more until this year. When Jonathan picked me up from the airport he not only remembered me, he also remembered where I live, what I do for a career and the names of my children! Jonathan is wonderful company, will keep you laughing, will get you to the best place at the best time and will share his immense knowledge with you without a qualm. I cannot recommend him or Ocean Capture highly enough. "
    Paul Maloney - December 2015
  • "Thank you so so much for such an amazing trip. It was a real privilege to be crouching in a lagoon with thirty white horses thundering towards us, cameras at the ready. Your incredible patience and wry sense of humour was the perfect combination for an adventure to treasure. The hotel was great, the food unexpectedly excellent, the group, a fun, talented bunch and the organisation worked like clockwork. Obviously the very best bit was your excellent tuition! Thank you so much. "
    Karen Walker - June 2015
  • "Thank you for a wonderful inaugural West Coast of France trip, for your company, for the laughs and the lovely surprises - I think we’ll all remember the boat ride, the return in particular, for some considerable time. As always, everything ran like clockwork - or appeared to - which is all due to your care and attention and experience. On every trip, it seems that we have near-perfect conditions. After five trips, it's clear that although some of that is down to the photography weather gods smiling on us, much of it is because you know exactly how to get us to the right place at the right time! For me personally, revisiting the Gironde after 14 months really brought home how much I’ve grown as a photographer: a good part of that is down to you, so thank you. "
    Lisa Katsiaris - June 2015
  • "For what it’s worth, I thought the Ocean Capture inaugural “Lighthouses in Brittany Tour” was a triumph. We certainly captured the ocean and it’s iconic and historic landmarks; from the land, from the sea in a 10 metre RIB and, la piece de resistance, from the air in a helicopter. But, as varied and interesting as these locations and modes of transport might be, they don’t guarantee success. Excluding the weather, there are two components that are essential requirements: First, an inspirational leader who shares his unbridled passion for the sea and it’s various characters, who hopes for the best but plans for the worst and, most importantly, abhors prescriptive “views” by encouraging individual creativity to capture the moment in a way that suits the individual photographer. Jonathan Chritchley not only fits the brief of inspirational leader, but is also an inspirational photographer. Second, the uncertain and unfathomable “group dynamic”; it was a pleasure. Great company, loads of smiles and laughter and the odd drenching. Ticks all the way from me. Would clearly recommend this tour and Ocean Capture to anyone and everyone."
    Denis Hocking - March 2015
  • "As a young woman I was nervous about attending my first course with Ocean Capture, not knowing what sort of environment to expect. Jonathan however has a way of making every participant, despite age, background and ability feel comfortable and welcome on his course - and all this with a great sense of humour. He is an unfailingly enthusiastic, positive and patient teacher who conveys his subject matter in a clear and easily understandable manner. In the space of three months I have already enjoyed the Biarritz Photography Workshop and the White Horses of the Camargue tour. I will certainly be signing up for future workshops with Ocean Capture! "
    Robin Clark - August 2013
  • "It is such a rare joy to see something done better than it need be, and such was Jonathan's delivery of the locations, tuition........and the weather! A formal thank you, Jonathan, for your hard work and your inspiration."
    William Gray - December 2012
  • "Just thought I’d let you know that the tuition and regained enthusiasm for the camera that came out of the Biarritz course in June helped me to grab a prize at a gallery competition here in Melbourne. Top 5 out of 1,200 entrants. Thanks for helping make this happen!Just checked out your website and the China trip is very, very tempting. As they all are, especially Zanzibar. Will give them some serious thought in the coming month or so...!"
    Nathan Edwards - December 2012
  • "If you love photography and stunning scenery you will find none better than on an Ocean Capture Workshop. I had high hopes for my trip to Les Landes and they were exceeded in every way. Jonathan is a fabulous teacher and his enthusiasm is addictive. In three days he helped me take my photography to the next level and gave me a confidence in my ability that I had thought was a long way off. His insight into the impact of black & white photography will stay with me forever. Now each sunrise is an opportunity and a morning mist an inspiration. A treasured experience in a wonderful location. Thank you Jonathan"
    Louise Davis - December 2012
  • "All of my objectives were met and I have gained much confidence over a very short period of time. Jonathan's expertise and his ability to transfer it to every participant is definitely in a class of its own. Patience, superior coaching skills, and the love of photography all contributed to a wonderful learning experience. Great people, expert advice in photography, superb accomodations and the discovery of wonderful areas of France are the key elements of this voyage. Great value too!"
    Real Lavoie - December 2012
  • "Jonathan's workshop was simply superb. I am an experienced photographer, and mainly joined for his knowledge of great locations. But, I feel I came away with a collection of images that are a huge step forward - both creatively and technically. Jonathan is very detail oriented, and helped me to push my photography far beyond what I would have done on my own at these locations. And, he was great company for the week and really made sure all the workshop participants were getting what they needed out of the program - extra attention for those who wanted more help, and stepping in with excellent hints for the more independent shooters. I was very happy with the impact this workshop made on my photography, and will certainly take another in the future."
    Philip Lewin - November 2012
  • "I greatly enjoyed doing the workshops with Ted and Morag. They encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and try lots of new things. I really found the review sessions helpful as we all got lots of constructive feedback on the images we created. Thoroughly recommended to anyone looking to broaden their approach to photography."
    Mark O'Donoghue - October 2012
  • "What can I say! I had the most fantastic trip, I didn't know what to expect but the landscape was stunning and everyday was an adventure. I now have so many experiences to look back on including the ferry trip! I haven't looked closely at my images yet but with all the wonderful locations we visited I hope to have a number of 'good' ones and I'm sure I have lots of memories of the trip. The group we were with certainly made it more enjoyable."
    Marilyn Peddle - September 2012
  • "I am a very amateur photographer, without very sophisticated or expensive equipment and still very attached to film photography. I was looking for a course that would help me engage more with digital photography and processes and challenge me to take photographs of the natural landscape. Beforehand, I was anxious that I wouldn’t be “good enough” and out of my depth. However, it was clearly set out from day one that this is not a competition about photographic kit, experience or results. Rather, it’s a workshop to develop your photography whatever your starting point, building on that compelling principle that it’s about creating “images made of light”. Jonathan Chritchley’s photographs speak for themselves. They are extraordinarily beautiful and full of feeling. As a tutor his passion for his work is applied in equal measure. He is very approachable, forthcoming with feedback, suggestions and tips and openly shares his experience, knowledge and own work processes throughout the course. For someone who produces work of his standard his straightforward, self-effacing and modest style is notable. Jonathan shares his time equally amongst participants and facilitates the group to learn from and support each other. He has an uncanny knack of turning up behind you just when you need some guidance. There is no such thing as “a stupid question” on this workshop and whilst there is serious intent throughout, the style is relaxed with plenty of good humour. A key feature of this workshop is that Jonathan knows the location inside out. The course is well structured and planned and the itinerary is effortlessly adapted according to weather conditions to maximise photographic opportunities. Whether this be a still, misty lake at dawn or a frisky sea in sheeting rain. Some of the locations can initially appear unassuming but turn out to be the most challenging and rewarding. This is where you have to trust Jonathan and the process. Faced with a sometimes vast and empty landscape, this is the time to be still, keep looking, seeing and working at it and things begin to unfold. This applies both on location and in the digital darkroom. From the very first shoot, it becomes evident that the real challenge is to take photographs that capture the beauty and experience of being in rather than just of a place. There’s the saying that goes: “if you do what you’ve always done, then you’ll get what you’ve always had”. I wanted a workshop that would help me develop and shift my photography - I got that and much more. I learnt so much about composition (particularly the use of negative space), pushing exposure as well as the practical aspects of shooting long exposures in natural landscapes. If you’re not sure about your equipment, rather than go out and spend lots of money, I would get in touch with Jonathan beforehand for ready advice and priorities. Over three days, I took photographs which I’ve never taken before and came away more confident, inspired and invigorated. This is a gem of a photography workshop, full of purpose and heart. If you get the chance to – book it!. "
    Elin Jones - September 2012
  • "In the past 12 months I have been lucky enough to be able to participate in Ocean Capture workshops in France, Italy and Spain and to benefit from the exceptional tuition and friendly advice provided by Jonathan. In this time, my love of photography has taken a huge leap forward and I hope that my technique is slowly catching up as well! I can highly recommend Jonathan's workshops, amazing experiences, each and every one. "
    Susan Furber - September 2012
  • "Thanks again Ted & Morag for all the ideas and inspiration. I love your work but also the way you develop and where new ideas come from. I hope the amazing weather continues for a while. Thank you for sharing your work, ideas and enthusiasm and for the lovely soup and biscuits!"
    Marian Guess - May 2012
  • "I had a really enjoyable 2 days and Ted & Morag made me feel very welcome. Despite being a complete novice, I felt really comfortable asking some basic questions. A good mix of theory and field work and the time passed so quickly. I will never use the auto setting again!"
    Grace Harks - March 2012
  • ""I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANKS for a fantastic workshop! I was very serious when I said that I'd learned more in the first 2 hours of your workshop than in the other 2 I've done combined! It was an absolute joy (even the 6:45 AM start wasn't bad!) and I can't believe how much I learned. It has definitely reignited my passion for photography!!""
    Karen Mott - June 2011
  • "The five day Biarritz course has far exceeded our expectations. Jonathan's relaxed but enthusiastic manner quickly gels the group together. He is unobtrusive, but always seems to be there just when you need him for some guidance. With his encouragement we have learned the value of simple forms, tonal contrasts and the changing light. Jonathan's amazing knowledge of the area meant we were treated to fantastic locations every day. Both of us have learned so much about our cameras, composition and digital studio techniques. We shall definitely be booking more courses. Thank you Jonathan!"
    Vivien & Alan Peters - February 2011
  • "I rediscovered my love of photography about eighteen months ago. I find Jonathan’s work inspirational, and jumped at the chance to do a photo workshop down in South West France. Consequently, I had very high expectations and even those have been exceeded! We have visited varied and picturesque, inspirational locations where we were free to capture the photographic opportunities as we saw them, with Jonathan always on hand to offer advice and suggestions. His enthusiasm and love for this region of France was contagious and the workshop was five days full of great scenery, good food, excellent wine, Atlantic air, the smell of pine forests, and a lot of laughter. A huge thank you from me Jonathan. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jonathans courses and hope to return to do another soon."
    Caroline Burley - October 2010
  • "The workshop delivered everything I had hoped it would and, through Jonathan's superb guidance, the week away has totally transformed my approach to photography. To me, the proof of the pudding is in the eyes of others and I have to say that my wife was stunned by some of the pictures I took, and particularly by the different approach to that which she has seen me take in the past. OK, we've been married 29 years, so she might be slightly biased, but I was still pleased with her reaction!! Thank you Jonathan for your guidance and support, and for your company throughout the week. I hope to join you for one of your other workshops some time soon."
    Phil Branch - June 2010
  • "My stay in Biarritz and the beautiful surrounding countryside was truly amazing and totally rewarding. On the 5 Day B&W Long Exposure Course Jonathan taught me new photographic techniques and wonderfully simple methods of processing using Lightroom and Photoshop. Nothing was too much trouble for this extremely talented and patient man whose good company, enthusiasm and passion for his art is is completely infectious. I now, once again, feel inspired and excited about my photography and will be returning in the near future for another photographic fix."
    Anita Stokes - September 2009
  • "Lakes, streams, mountains, seascapes, landscapes, mountains, sand dunes, grasses, mist, sunsets ...did I mention mountains... what more could we fit in in a week. You had a plan for when the clouds were playing ball, and also for when they stayed away. Thanks, Jonathan, for a great week. Highly recommended"."
    Mike Watson - September 2009
  • "If you are reading this because you are thinking about going on one of Jonathan's courses, then stop thinking about it and just do it! Jonathan is very relaxed and not at all intimidating. He puts you at ease the minute he meets you at the airport. He is also an amazing teacher because you don't realise how much you are learning - you just think you are having fun. I can't believe I nearly didn't go because I was nervous. I would have missed the best thing I've ever done. "
    Pam Harrington - June 2009
  • "Jonathan is a natural, both as a photographer and as a guide/teacher and is incredibly generous in sharing his vision and his way of doing things - then helping you to find and develop your own. From the first time I visited his website to the moment he dropped me at the station I felt he was ‘on my side’ - and I really did spend the journey home plotting a return visit or a new experience with one of his other tours! Others have described the landscapes, activities and facilities brilliantly. All I want to add is that if you want to take better photographs and enjoy a stunning and varied part of France - and if you have the opportunity to go on one of these workshops, then DO SO - it is both a skill-enhancing and a life-enhancing experience. Oh yes, and its enormous fun too!"
    Annie Dent - October 2008