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Ocean Capture


92% of Ocean Capture clients rebook for more photography tours and workshops. Here's what some of them say. 

"I am so grateful for such an amazing trip. It was a real privilege to be crouching in a lagoon with thirty white horses thundering towards us, cameras at the ready. Jonathan's incredible patience and wry sense of humour was the perfect combination for an adventure to treasure. The hotel was great, the food unexpectedly excellent, the group, a fun, talented bunch and the organisation worked like clockwork. Obviously the very best bit was Jonathan's excellent tuition! I shall be back - thank you so much. "

White Horses of the Camargue 2016

Karen Walker - September, 2016

"If you love photography and stunning scenery you will find none better than on an Ocean Capture Workshop. I had high hopes for my trip to Iceland and they were exceeded in every way. Jonathan Chritchley is a fabulous teacher and his enthusiasm is addictive. In a few days he helped me take my photography to the next level and gave me a confidence in my ability that I had thought was a long way off. His insight into the impact of black & white photography will stay with me forever. Now each dawn holds an opportunity and each morning mist an inspiration. A treasured experience in a wonderful country. Thank you Jonathan"

Louise Davis - September, 2016

"I am not going to complement Jonathan on either his inspirational photography or his generosity and patience as a teacher, as many have done so here and they are all absolutely right. I wanted to talk about Jonathan as a person: he is a charming, funny, highly educated man who instinctively knows how to lead a group, put you at ease and make sure everyone is happy. He makes decisions fearlessly and has a way of making you feel you have his entire attention, even when there are a few other 'needy' members of the group vying for his advice! I had attended one of his workshops in 2008 but due to work and family commitments had sadly been unable to attend any more until this year. When Jonathan picked me up from the airport he not only remembered me, he also remembered where I live, what I do for a career and the names of my children! Jonathan is wonderful company, will keep you laughing, will get you to the best place at the best time and will share his immense knowledge with you without a qualm. I cannot recommend him or Ocean Capture highly enough. "

Paul Maloney - July, 2016

"All of my objectives were met and I have gained much confidence over a very short period of time. Jonathan's expertise and his ability to transfer it to every participant is definitely in a class of its own. Patience, superior coaching skills, and the love of photography all contributed to a wonderful learning experience. Great people, expert advice in photography, superb accomodations and the discovery of wonderful areas of France are the key elements of this voyage."

West Coast of France Tour

Real Lavoie - May, 2016

"My stay in Biarritz and the beautiful surrounding countryside was truly amazing and totally rewarding. On the 5 Day B&W Long Exposure Course Jonathan taught me new photographic techniques and wonderfully simple methods of processing using Lightroom and Photoshop. Nothing was too much trouble for this extremely talented and patient man whose good company, enthusiasm and passion for his art is is completely infectious. I now, once again, feel inspired and excited about my photography and will be returning in the near future for another photographic fix."

B&W Workshop, Biarritz, France

Anita Stokes - March, 2016

"For what it’s worth, I thought the Ocean Capture inaugural “Lighthouses in Brittany Tour” was a triumph. We certainly captured the ocean and it’s iconic and historic landmarks; from the land, from the sea in a 10 metre RIB and, la piece de resistance, from the air in a helicopter. But, as varied and interesting as these locations and modes of transport might be, they don’t guarantee success. Excluding the weather, there are two components that are essential requirements: First, an inspirational leader who shares his unbridled passion for the sea and it’s various characters, who hopes for the best but plans for the worst and, most importantly, abhors prescriptive “views” by encouraging individual creativity to capture the moment in a way that suits the individual photographer. Jonathan Chritchley not only fits the brief of inspirational leader, but is also an inspirational photographer. Second, the uncertain and unfathomable “group dynamic”; it was a pleasure. Great company, loads of smiles and laughter and the odd drenching. Ticks all the way from me. Would clearly recommend this tour and Ocean Capture to anyone and everyone."

Lighthouses of Brittany

Denis Hocking - April, 2015