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Leeming & Paterson

Morag Paterson and Ted Leeming have been working collaboratively as artists and photographers for ten years. While their visions are independently motivated, a mutual exchange of ideas transpires. Leeming and Paterson meld observation and comment on man's relationship with the environment with a fascination for transformation and metamorphosis - they examine both tangible energy ( as a human commodity) and those forces that are still on the edge of human exploration and understanding. Leeming and Paterson's work varies from the traditional outdoor image capture to abstract and impressionist photography.  Regularly exhibiting internationally, they also take on a small number of private and corporate commissions.

Ted & Morag spend their time between an ecological farmhouse they designed and built on a stormy hillside in Galloway, Scotland and a five-hundred year old villa they are restoring in the hills of Liguria, Italy.

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Leeming & Paterson