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Ocean Capture

Ocean Capture


07th - 14th December, 2024

Deposit €1,200.00

Zanzibar, the Spice Island, off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. Join fine art photographer Jonathan Chritchley as he revisits this beautiful and iconic island, working with the small fishing boats, or dhows as they are known, beautiful white sandy beaches, stunning trees, little jetties and piers. And some of the locals too! Staying in one beautiful coastal hotel, travelling either just up the beach on foot or to nearby fishing villages in an air conditioned vehicle with our own guide, this 7 day trip to paradise is a pre-Christmas must!! There will also be daytime visits to a spice plantation, and of course a couple of trips on the dhows themselves! 

Luxury hotels, amazing food, an an incredible Ocean Capture experience!  

  • €6500
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    • Airport Transfers
    • All meals and non-alcoholic drinks
    • 7 nights' single occupancy accommodation in luxury hotels
    • Flights to and from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    • Other meals and drinks not included above.
    • Insurances
  • Flight to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania , arrive before 14.00 on 07th December, 2024. Depart Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania , depart after 14.00 on 14th December, 2024.
  • 25-33°C, humid, some cloud
  • 6.00 / 18.00
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