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Ocean Capture

Icelandic Summer Horses

29th June - 03rd July, 2024

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Icelandic Horses are one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world. They were brought to Iceland long before any of the European Breeds that we are so familiar with had been established. The Icelandic Horse, along with only a couple of other rare breeds, represents the closest link we have to the first domesticated horses. The Norse horses that first arrived in Iceland with the Vikings were compact, sturdy animals, slightly larger than today’s Icelandic Horses. The horse had helped the Norse people to succeed and prosper by allowing them to travel long distances, carry heavy loads, and plow their fields, at a time when most Europeans were still plowing their fields by hand. The Vikings recognised the value and political power of their horses and gave them a place of great honour in their history and culture. They took them everywhere they went. So, when the first Vikings set sail to explore Northern oceans, along with them went the strong little horses. The nomadic people who first domesticated them encouraged both pacing and other flying gaits which could carry them long distances without tiring the horses. So, the horses that came to Iceland were excellent riding horses as well as being capable of hard work. Icelandic people are very proud of their horses and Icelandic horses in fact, seem very proud of themselves. The hardships they survived have given a horse that is not afraid to face the world. They are friendly, sure footed, strong, and willing. Their unique gaits make them a joy to ride, and they appear to enjoy the experience as much as those riding them!

This atmospheric photo tour led by Jonathan Chritchley concentrates entirely on this beautiful horses, shooting them in different locations and at different times of day. From our base at an established horse ranch in a remote part of  Iceland we photograph these wonderful animals running along black beaches, trekking across dusty plains and lava fields, and at rest in the fields surrounding the farm. This is truly an amazing adventure for any horse lover, and the opportunity to create a unique body of work based on this amazing horses. Accommodation is in a traditional but warm and modernised Icelandic cottage. Rooms may be shared with at the most one other person, and shower and bathrooms are communal. All meals are included, and riding will of course be possible.

  • €3900
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    • Airport Transfers
    • 4 nights' accommodation in cosy farmhouse
    • All meals
    • Flights to and from Iceland
    • Other meals & drinks not mentioned above
    • Insurances
  • Flight to Keflavík airport, Reykjavik, Iceland, arrive before 16.30 on 29th June, 2024. Depart Keflavík airport, Reykjavik, Iceland, depart after 16.00 on 03rd July, 2024.
  • 4-12°C, cloudy, some sunshine
  • 2.00 / 1.00
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