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Ocean Capture


30th December, 2020

In the process of oragnisation is a brand new tour led by Jonathan Chritchley to the Swedish side of the very beautiful LAPLAND. this 5-6 day tour starts in a luxury hotel Stockholm for a group get-together and meal. The next morning the group takes the relatively short flight up to Lapland and the adventure really begins! We will be met from the airport by our hosts and driven by 4x4 through snowy forests and amazing scenery to our first stop, a luxury camp where our homes for two nights will be amazingly modernised Lavvu, the tents used by the Sami people. after two days of shoots in the forests and countryside, we will set of for a stunning and very isolated lodge, where we will try dog-sledding as well as the alotted photo shoots. Expect open fires, cosy drinks, exciting and very snow-packed photo shoots, Northern Lights, amazing food and company!