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Ocean Capture

Emily Hancock

Multi-award winning fine art equine photographer Emily Hancock has spent many years experimenting with artistic media, but always gravitates back to photography as the catalyst and foundation of her work. "The ability to capture a millisecond of our history that would otherwise be missed, and immortalising it with my camera," she says, "fills me with a heady elation. I love that I am able to witness these fleeting moments, and once I’ve successfully photographed one, I cannot wait for the next opportunity."

English-born Emily's highly artistic, original style has been featured in many magazines and forums around the world, and unsurprisingly has its roots in a distinctly non-photographic area: "The Impressionist period, where artists translated emotions into images and deliberately painted with a lack of detail, is a huge influence on my work. So is abstract expressionism, where the intention was creating pieces that provoke an emotional response from the viewer. I use these ideas and techniques in my own work, deliberately focusing on the broad details and emotions of the scene."

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Emily Hancock